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Sessions for week commencing 6th November

Evening everyone, forms for next week are up. Please remember to put your name down if you’re coming along!

Jim has made a couple of tweaks to the Doncaster 10K Training Plan and the revised file is here. When he put it together, we hadn’t booked the track and now we have – so the sessions needed adapting from what we would have been doing at the Rail College.
Anyway, Tuesday we’ll be doing full laps of the track followed by shorter reps.

Thursday’s route is R8, which is ~6.6 miles. There’s a shortcut back down Bawtry Road, which will probably make the route around 4 miles, and another at Lakeside which would take around a mile or so off.

See you in the week!

October 2023 Newsletter

October’s newsletter is now available for you all to read with all the updates from the month – including photos for 3 new members; Tara’s race report on the Ladybower Half; An article on our first floodlit DonFaster 5k race; Another bumper crop of mentions for this month; Reports from a couple of Cross Country newbies; and info on three more of our Run Leaders! Remember to let us know if there’s anything you want including in any future issues!

Once you’re registered and logged in you can always find the latest Newsletter on our Newsletter page here.


Dear Harriers, it’s the Club’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), Awards Evening and Xmas Party at The Dome on Saturday 9th December. More information on the timings and schedule to follow in the coming weeks, but for now we need your….

Award nominations!

During the awards section of the evening we’ll be presenting the Club trophies for 2023, and this will culminate with the awards for Runner of the Year (Female) and Runner of the Year (Male), and Harrier of the Year. This is where we ask you for your nominations. The criteria are as follows:

Runner of the Year (ROTY) – a trophy awarded to the Male and Female ROTY. In your opinion which male and female runner you think have had the best year running. This can be success as in trophies, personal bests, success as in their own personal running journey, or the most improvement in their running.

Harrier of the Year (HOTY) – one trophy awarded to the person (female or male) who you feel is representative of the Club and demonstrate true “Harrierness”. They may have gone that extra mile for the club or fellow club runners, or perhaps they attend every session they can, and turn up for every club event. The choice is yours!

To help you make your choices it might be worth reading some of the “This Month’s Mentions” in the previous newsletters.

You can make your nominations online by accessing this link (you’ll need to be registered and signed in to access it). Here you’ll be able to select your nominee(s) and importantly your reason why, as it’s great for the recipient to know why their fellow club members have voted for them. You don’t have to make all 3 nominations at the same time (so you can come back to add another), but once a nomination for an award has been made it can’t be changed!

The closing date for nominations is 20:00 on Sunday 19th November so get nominating!

Sessions for week commencing 30th October

Good morning all, forms for this coming week are now up. As always, please remember to put your name down if you’re coming to any of the sessions.

Tuesday’s interval set is an 8-6-4-2 progression/regression (decreasing time, increasing pace) on the track at the Hub!
No social scheduled for this week.

Thursday’s route is R7. This is ~5.7 miles long. There’s a shortcut available off Stoops, which should make it around 4-4.5 miles.

See you in the week!

Sessions for week commencing 23rd October

Hi everyone, form for this coming week is up. Please put your name down if you’re coming to either of the sessions. Shouldn’t have to keep reminding about this, but we are still having to do this for people on a regular basis, which adds unnecessary overhead on top of what we already have to do on a club night.

David Langford is taking a social run on Tuesday.
Scully will be taking a hill reps session from the Cenotaph.

A reminder that it’s the Cadeby away run on Thursday and that chip butty orders need to be in by Monday lunch time. The post for that is in the announcements on Facebook, and key details are in the Calendar event.

Have a good week!