Sessions for week commencing 24th June.

Hello all, form for next week is now up! Please make sure that your name is down if you’re coming along.

Tuesday’s session is:
2 * 2 min / 1 min
12 * 1 min / 45 seconds

These should be at or above your target race pace, particuarly the 1 minute reps. You will not have much time to recover between these reps and they should be consistent – you should aim to complete each rep in the same time / at the same pace (don’t overdo it to start with!)

Remember that you can use the lap button on your watch if it has that functionality to split the reps up.

We are working towards the DonFaster 5K with these sessions. If you have not entered this already, please don’t leave it too late. Entries close on the 7th July (race is on the 12th), which is earlier than usual and we will not be extending this date.

No plans for social on Tuesday so far, will update if one becomes available.

We are away in Thorne on Thursday! Please see Andy’s post about this in the Facebook group here.

See you in the week!