Sessions for week commencing 17th June.

Hi all, forms for this coming week are now up. Please remember to put your name down if you’re coming along!!!

Tuesday is Dam Flask relays!!!
If you have put your name down for this then PLEASE turn up (or at the very least give us plenty of notice if circumstances have changed and you are unable to make it).

It is extremely difficult (for Mick 😅) to organise this and one person dropping out has a ripple effect on everything else. Don’t end up on our naughty list! 😆

Parking is always tight down there, so try and car share wherever possible. We would advise getting there very early if you can.

You MUST wear club colours in this race. If you don’t have a club top then please see Mick/Jim or reply to the post in the FB group so that we can try and arrange a loan.
Bring pins for your number.

We usually stop for a drink in / outside the pavilion afterwards (weather depending). Consider bringing some midge spray and sun cream if the sun ever does decide it’s June and time to come out.

It can be quite late by the time we’re finished, it is worth taking some food with you if you aren’t likely to have tea before you leave.

For those left behind, Mark and Jo will be putting on an interval session on the track, which will be 12 * 90 seconds / 60 second recoveries to be done at or slightly above target 5K race pace.

Thursday’s route is M11. This is about 7.5 miles long and there isn’t really a shortcut unless you know your way back through the woods / across Cantley Park.

Andy, Ellie and John’s away run is coming up soon. Make sure you’ve booked your chip butty if you’re coming to that (details here)

See you in the week!