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Sessions for week commencing 16th October

Evening all, forms for this week have been up a bit. Please remember to put your name down if you’re going to be coming along this week!

Rebecca Yorke is taking a social on Tuesday of just over 10K. See the route below!

The interval session will be 10 * (90s / 90s recovery), will explain more on the evening.

Thursday’s route is R6 – there is a shortcut on this route at around 3 – 4 miles, so if you need to take it, take it (otherwise it’s just over 10K).

Dukeries 10 (actually closer to 11 unless they’ve changed the course) miler is on Saturday, so it may be prudent to take the shortcut anyway if you’re racing that, depending on where your training is at.

See you in the week!

Sessions for week commencing 9th October

Hi everyone, forms for this coming week are up! Please remember to put your name down if you’re coming along.

Tuesday’s interval session is from the Rail College and as follows:
3 * 3 min
3 * 2 min
3 * 1 min
Each with 90 second recoveries.

No social at the moment.

Thursday’s route is R4. This is ~7 miles and there is a convenient shortcut at around 4 miles.

See you in the week!

September 2023 Newsletter

September’s newsletter is now available for you all to read with all the updates from the month – including photos for 5 new members; Jo’s article on Cross Country; Rochelle’s report from the GNR; A bumper crop of mentions this month; Suggestions on head torches; and info on three more of our Run Leaders! Remember to let us know if there’s anything you want including in any future issues!

Once you’re registered and logged in you can always find the latest Newsletter on our Newsletter page here.

Donfaster 5k

If you’ve come to the site looking for information on the Donfaster 5k you can find everything you need on our dedicated page here!

If you’re running the race don’t forget it’s this Friday (6th October!). You’ll be running the same 5k course as before on the Doncaster Dome cycle track, but this time it promises to be a bit cooler (and you’ll also be running under the floodlights)!

Everything you need is listed in the race pack, which is linked on the race page, but you can also find it here.

Sessions for week commencing 2nd October

Good morning! Forms for next week’s sessions are up. As always, please put your name down if you’re coming to any of them.

Tuesday’s session is detailed on the 10K plan (pinned to featured) and is much lighter this week to account for those racing on Friday. For reference it’ll be:
5 * 1 min / 1 min
2 min total rest
10 * 30 sec / 60 sec

Jo is taking a social for those wanting an alternative.

Thursday’s route is R2, which is just over 7 miles. There are a couple of shortcut options (back up Church Lane and along Bawtry Road will shorten it dramatically to around 3 miles, straight back along Bawtry Road will knock a good mile off at least).

See you in the week!