Club Nights

Posts relating to club nights (Tuesday/Thursdays)

Tuesday 25th June – Dam Flask Relays/12x90s Intervals

For those of you that have been stuck in a cave, Tuesday is the club’s annual descent onto Low Bradfield (S6 6LB) for the Dam Flask Relays. If you’ve got your name down, don’t forget, and I hope you’ve got your car shares sorted because parking can be a bit of a pain!

For those of us not at Dam Flask Tuesday is 12 x 90 second intervals with 60 second recoveries in Sandall Beat, ran in 3 groups. There’s an easy 1.25 miles warm up and cool down (there and back).

Thursday 27th of June – 7.3 Mile Run (M10)

Thursday’s run is M10, a 7.3 mile run out north from the meeting point and through Cantley Park/Hall Park and into Old Cantley. Then it’s down Warning Tongue Lane and right into Riding Close and on through Hatchell Wood. From there we cross Bawtry Road and make our way to the Red Path, down which we run back to base past Hall Cross. It’s a clockwise route.

Total distance: 7.26 mi

Harriers play host to Maltby Running Club

Last Thursday (11th April) saw a visit by Maltby Running club to the Harriers, and a great time was had by all. If you’re looking for a running club in the Doncaster area you should pop down and give us a try, you can see the kind of runs and fun we have in the video below, alternatively if you’re in the Maltby area why not pop along to MRC and try them out. Running isn’t just about trying to beat your PB at a 5k or a 10k, the real fun is running with others!

Danum Harriers – THE place to be (on Tuesdays/Thursdays)

Some said it couldn’t be done. Some said it wouldn’t be done. Others were strangely silent and voiced no opinion on it. But it’s happened again – Thursday saw the record for the biggest attendance in a single session broken again – 67!

It’s not the club’s sole aim to get the most runners down that we can of course, but we all know the physical and mental well-being benefits that running brings (especially with others), and the more people we can share that with the better. As you all know we’re Doncaster’s friendliest running club, with continually low fees, and now we’re in a great new location with all the facilities we could need, so how long will it be until we have 70, 80, or even more coming down?!

If you’ve stumbled across the site looking for a running club, what more reason do you need to come down and give us a try? We have:

  • 2 organised sessions a week with qualified run leaders
  • A members-only Facebook group with a thriving social scene where you can organise as many other runs as you can find people to run with
  • Club attendances at many races (road league, cross country, club championship races, etc.) so if you want to race you’ll never be alone!
  • Numerous social events throughout the year – away runs, club socials, Xmas/Birthday events
  • Discounts and benefits with local (and some national) running equipment and physiotherapy suppliers

All for the princely sum of £27 a year!

5km Group for beginners

Interest in the 5km ‘intro’ group which runs at approximately 12+ min miles (intro level/runners coming back from injury) has remained steady, so we are going to continue with it for the time being. This will be every Thursday (not Tuesdays) at 6:45pm so if you know anyone that might be interested in running in this group then please feel free to spread the word?

Details of route, leader, etc. will be sorted on the night.

Any members running in the 5km group are, of course, also welcome to attend the Tuesday training sessions where you get to set your own pace and endurance.