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Tuesday 25th February – 30 Minutes Hill Loops

This Tuesday we’ll be heading over to Osborne Road for some hill loops. 30 minutes of continuous running with efforts up Osborne Road and recovery on the flats and down Windsor.

There’ll be a steady jog over from The Hub in two groups, one going the slightly longer way over the top of Town Fields with the other taking the route past the racecourse and most of the way up Town Moor Avenue before turning towards the session route.

Remember guys – hills are friends (and they have eyes), and if you give it your all going up them you’ll really reap the benefits when you’re chasing those PBs.

As usual, meet at 6:45pm, or 6:20ish if you want to do a dynamic warm up.

See you all Tuesday!


Thursday 27th February – 6.5 Mile Run (R8)

It’s the one you’ve all been waiting for this Thursday ‘cos it’s R8 good route!  It’s a 6.5 mile run North from the Dome and out down Bawtry Road, St Wilfrid’s Road and Goodison Boulevard back to Bawtry Road via Plumpton Park Road.  From there it’s down Dunniwood and Checkstone Avenues to the Red Path.  After that it’s down the Red Path, around the far side of the lake and return back to the Dome the long way via Carr House and Bawtry Roads (don’t cut straight back to the Dome after the lake!).  It’s a clockwise route.

Your leaders are:

G1: David “Bonnie” Langford
G2: Jonathon “Ooooh Miss” Jones
G3: Mark “We’re gonna end up in the” Hudson
G4: Amanda “Country” Lane
G5: Jo “The Full Works” Derx
Intro: Adi “Shady” Tuplin

As always there are short cuts available, please let your group leader know if you want to take a quicker route back to the Dome.  The map for the route is below, and there is a link beneath for you to download the GPX file to use with your watch/device/mapping software.

Total distance: 6.45 mi

2020 Membership Renewals

The 2020 Danum Harriers membership fee is due on the 1st April 2020 and is £12, plus the EA membership fee, which is £16. Therefore all members are required to pay £28 by 31 March 2020 at the latest.

Membership is payable by bank transfer directly into the clubs bank account. You put your name in the ‘Reference’ field so we can relate each payment received to the person transferring the money. The club’s account details are; Sort Code 30-92-68, Account Number 33632768.

If any of your contact details have changed, for example your address, telephone numbers, emergency contact details or e-mail address please let us know by e-mailing  You can also make any changes to your contact details on your own “my portal” on the EA website.

Finally, for anyone who is a second claim member, you only need to pay £12 as the EA membership fee will be collected by your first claim club.

Any questions please do not hesitate to contact Caroline directly.

KMR #12 – Braithwell Boxing Day Race, December 2019 – Ben Hales

A vintage series

Nowadays you usually get to register online for races.

Yes, you pay extra for the payment technology, their marketing campaigns and another T-shirt you’ll hardly wear, but it’s simple and convenient and that’s the modern way to do things.

On the other hand, these twelve events are so old fashioned. They’re barely advertised and there’s no clothes giveaway. You have to fill in a piece of paper then hand over cash in a pub function room.

There’s certainly no chip timing. At this one they get the local farmer, decked in his best tweed to set runners off with a shotgun.

Last year’s Braithwell race was my first KMR experience. Naturally I ended up running most of this year’s series.

The events are informal yet traditional – organised by runners for runners. It’s a great buzz to come together as clubs to run with and against each other over varied routes and terrain. And there’s usually a buffet afterwards.

2019: Danum’s vintage year

The Harriers are developing a strong reputation in this tournament – Simon Raynor won his age category trophy in 2018 and this year Mick Plant had already won his before this final race had begun.

Series prizes are awarded by category for runners attending eight races or more. Dave Langford just had to turn up and clock eight to leapfrog the competition to win his, which he duly did.

I was on course to effectively come third in my category. There’d be no confirmation, no announcement and no trophy, but the chance to imagine stepping onto a podium was enough to spur me on to put in a strong effort.

The race 

Me, the indomitable Langford, series stalwart Plant and the indefatigable Raynor, recovering from cold, met at the Butcher’s Arms and soon found ourselves at the front of the huddle at the start line. A blast of the shooter and down the road we went, then over the trail section. Langford led, with Plant in pursuit, and Raynor following me.

After the off-road section it was a descent on tarmac into Stainton then an uphill slog for the rest of it. A few people passed me, but I saved enough energy for a burst at the end to retake a handful and knock nearly two minutes off my last year’s time.

Then it was back to the Butcher’s for drinks and trophies. Hope to see even more Harriers at next year’s series!

Kiveton Park Cross Country, November 2019 – Lynn Hutchinson

‘Twas my 3rd year doing cross country and this morning I’ll be honest, not sure if anyone could tell but I really wasn’t feeling it! Adi chapped the door so there was no going back! Off to pick Jo up then on our way to Kiveton park.

When we got there we were the first club to arrive. Not my finest hour attempting to make small talk with Keith Binney asking him where we pitch the gazebo as I was stood right beside the club tents sign!  I’ll not repeat what he said!  The rain came down even harder as I stood and watched Adi & Jo walking the area trying to establish the driest spot, really!  To be fair the gazebo flew up in record time and we were soon sat and spooning in no time  (Jo & I for those who haven’t seen Adi’s photo!).

The first harrier on the start line was young Lucas Sydney, and what a run and finish!! Super Syd!! Due to the awful conditions and needing to get her boys dry and warm they were off with a final swoosh of her Pom poms & great harrier shout out.

As midday approached the rain was getting heavier and after reluctantly taking outer clothes off it was time to sort my head out and us 6 girls headed to the start line with just enough time for a quick pic (thanks Kenny) .  The course had been shortened due to the flooded crossing point (thank goodness) ’cause boy was it tough. So much mud and it got worse with each lap, as we finished lap one I said to Jo that I felt sick and thinking I was going to lose a trainer in the thick mud Jo said something like (the polite version) “have we really got another 2 to do”.  Then off she went, a power house!! Us ladies had super support from the gents, I distinctly remember Christ Watson cheering me on with a wry smile looking at the state of me!  A third way round my final lap the chaps set off, with every slurpy step I awaited for them to catch me, then the super speedies were tearing past me, luckily I only had a short distance left then round the last bit to the finish line.  A cuddle with Tara & Jo followed by a wash in the puddle, a quick jumper and bobble hat donned, sausage roll (thank you so much Neil Costigan) and cuppa in my very cold hands we were off to cheer on the guys.

They were awesome, 4 long ridiculously muddy laps lead home by Mick P (on fire)! All harriers safely finished then Claire wanted a dip in the flooded crossing so Adi obliged and off they went for a dip, crazy!! Such amazing team spirit, ’tis the reason we do these crazy things.

As per usual we were the last club standing, Heather kept Mr Binney happy with a cake.  We’d seriously contemplated abandoning the gazebo (only kidding) however it was a struggle to collapse, poor Adi with frozen hands and Jo and I ‘trying’ to help (me with more giggles of hysteria than help) the gazebo was finally manhandled back to the van.

What a day, it started with me sooo not wanting to run, to omg I love this club and so glad I did it!!! Thank you Danum Harriers you’re all fab!!