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Sessions for week commencing 15th April.

Hi all, forms for this week are finally up. Sorry, but we are only likely to be offering limited groups this Thursday.

Tuesday’s session is 30 second reps with 1 minute rest. These are NOT sprints – they should be controlled efforts at around your next target 5K race pace or slightly above.

Those doing London Marathon will do 12 sets.
Everyone else will do 20.

Thursday’s route is M2 – this is likely to be muddy in parts, so an old pair of road shoes / trail shoes are advised.

Some further things to get out of the way:

  • Jim still has Road League numbers for Andrew Teasdale, Ben Hales, Dean Clarke and Gemma Scougal. If any of you are wanting to be there this week, then you will need to collect your numbers from him at the club tomorrow evening (or at some point between now and Wednesday night), as he won’t be there this week.
  • Rother Valley Relays 2024: this is on Tuesday 14th May, first race off at 18:30 from Rother Valley park. This was an amazing event last year and we’re hoping to get a huge troupe out there again this time. We’ll post more early next week.
  • Dam Flask Relays 2024 (aka organised chaos): this is on Tuesday 18th June. It’s utter madness, but a fantastic team event taking place in and around Dam Flask Reservoir in (above?) Lower Bradfield, Sheffield. Getting it out there. There’s a hill.
    Again, a wonderful team event and something that should be on your radar.
  • See you in the week!

March 2024 Newsletter

March’s newsletter is now available for you all to read with all the updates from the month – including photos for 3 new(ish!) members; Mick’s Kimmy Killer race report; An article from David Hayden about his Dutch adventure; an article explaining all about the behind-the-scenes work that goes on to stage the DonFaster races; and finally a bumper crop of mentions for this month and some key points to think about in Lynn’s roundup! Remember to let us know if there’s anything you want including in any future issues!

Once you’re registered and logged in you can always find the latest Newsletter on our Newsletter page here.

Sessions for week commencing 8th April.

Evening all, sorry for being so late with this. Form for this week is up! Please ensure your name is down if you’re coming!

Just Tuesday on the form this week, don’t forget that we’re away on Thursday with Azza for his Forresters Arms (Broddy Pit Top) away run. If you want a chip butty, then you need to let him know!

Tuesday’s session will vary according to whether or not you’re doing Manchester Marathon. If you are (and you’re coming, then please let Jim know – because he will have to give up his evening session just to blow the whistle, unless someone else wants to take charge of that) then your set will be:

12 * 30 seconds / 1 minute.

Everyone else, 1K reps, with 1 minute recovery.

See you in the week!

Sessions for week commencing 1st April.

Happy Easter!

Forms for next week are up. Please ensure that your name is down if you’re coming along to any of the sessions. If you haven’t paid your subs, better get on that – because you will not be able to book in the next couple of days if they’re overdue.

Tuesday will be mixed big reps. Suggested workouts are:
G1: 2K * 4 + 1K (marathoners)
G2 marathoners: 2K * 4
G2 / 3 / 4: 2K * 3 (+1K for those feeling adventurous and with adequate mileage behind them / marathoners)
G5 / low mileage folk: 2K * 2 + (1 or 2 * 1K)
90 seconds recoveries after the 2K reps, 60 seconds after 1K reps.
Juniors (Kian Leo):
1K (@ ~ 5K pace)
8 * 400, hard
5 * 200, harder
1K (@ ~ 5K pace)
Rests as long as required, recommend at least 90 seconds after the harder reps (rest longer, go faster).

Don’t forget, if you have a sports watch then it will most likely have a lap button (and the ability to program these workouts in a lot of cases).

The lap button is the simplest way of keeping track of what you’re doing and where you’re at with rests. Pressing it at the end of each of the reps (e.g. once you have completed two laps) will segment off what you’re doing.

All Garmins from the Forerunner 45 upwards offer this functionality. Most of these watches allow you to customise data screens according to what you’re doing – on the Garmins, I think you do this from the watch itself (Google your watch model and ‘data screen’). From Coros it can be done from your phone.

Take some time to learn what your watch can do if you have one – they’re unbelievable pieces of kit.

Thursday’s route will be R4. It’s too muddy still to do M4R after all.

See you in the week!

Sessions for week commencing 25th March.

Morning all, forms for this week are now up! Please make sure you are putting your name down for these sessions if you intend to come to any of them.

On Tuesday, David will take a social run.

The work on the track will vary according to group / mileage / whether or not you’re marathon training, but suggested workouts are:
2 * (2K, 1K, 400m *
2K, 1K, 400m * 4
2K, 400m * 4
G3 / G4:
2K, 1K, 400m * 4
1K, 400m * 4
2K, 1K, 400m * 4
90 second rests after 2K and 1K, 60 seconds rest after 400m. Easier to explain on the track when we’re there.

Thursday’s route is one of the newer ones. It’s about 7.3 miles and there is a shortcut more or less half way through it.

Well done to everyone who raced last night and HUGE thanks to everyone who helped in the lead up and came down to support. It’s honestly a wonderful thing to see and a great source of reassurance to have the club to pull together to make a success of these events as it did last night and events before it. Couldn’t happen without your support.

See you in the week!