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Next club event is the Bakewell parkrun Tourist Trophy on Saturday 24th. In September the parkrun TT event is Doncaster on the 28th, and the Club Champs race is the Pontefract HM on the 29th.

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Thursday 22nd August – 6.6 Mile Run (M5R)

This Thursday it’s the turn of M5 in our reversed routes scheme – the 6.6 Mile route out North from the Dome and then down Bawtry Road to the Avenue and over Rose Hill onto Cantley Lane.  Then it’s down Cantley Lane and along the side of the Cemetery to Everingham Road, which we then run down and through the woods back round onto Bramham Road.  After that it’s to the far side of the Pit Top, doubling back over the pit top into Sandal Beat.   We cross over at the usual railway bridge, then it’s the direct route back to Bawtry Road along the side of the racecourse, and back to the Dome.  It’s an anti-clockwise route.

As before, you’re all (hopefully) aware that you can trace the route by hovering your mouse (or using your finger on mobile devices) over the altitude graph and it will show the relevant point on the route as you slide.

Total distance: 6.59 mi

Harriers have fun at Endure 24

The weekend of 28th-30th June saw 30+ Harriers, their support crew/family and pets descend onto Bramham Park for this year’s Endure 24 event.  For those that don’t know (and there can’t be many of you left!), this is a 24-hour running “festival”, often called the Glastonbury for runners!  It involves you and your team or partner (or solo, if you’re particularly brave!) running as many 5 mile laps in a 24-hour period as you can.  That’s pretty much it – the only rule being you can only have one of your team running a lap at any time, so there’s a lot of logistics involved if you have a team of 5 or more (the Harriers usually run in mixed teams of 5).

This year we had 6 teams of 5, one pair (Laura Sydney and her friend) and one running solo (the ever inspiring Nicola Wilkinson, currently in the middle of her run-365 challenge).  Our results can be found here, so you can see the amazing feat accomplished by all our teams.  Run reports from the team captains are available on the Run Reports page, and a slideshow of the event is shown below.  The Harriers will be there again in 2020, so keep an eye out for us – you can’t miss us!