Run Reports

Baxter’s Loch Ness Marathon, October 2021 – Nathaniel Redcliffe They say that the weather is unpredictable in Scotland. I wouldn’t say it was “unpredictable”, I knew exactly what it was going to be… cold, wet, and windy. A collection of coaches, and double decker buses collected myself and four thousand other runners from Bught Park in the cold dead of night (7 a.m.!!). The back of the coach seats were each lined with plastic, and we all had to wear a mask. Despite the extra covid measures that the company had taken, we were all sat next to a complete stranger. The guy next to me was from America.… Continue Reading
Nene Valley 20, June 2021 – David Hayden So I signed up to the Nene Valley 20 miler about Jan/Feb 2020 – well before you know what happened and a certain collision with another runner. It was originally scheduled for June 2020 – but we all know why it got pushed back to this year. As it happened was a good job as I couldn’t run 20 meters let alone 20 miles!!! This run was one of the most stunning I have ever done. Set in the villages around the Nene Valley south west of Peterborough and nearly all off road it provided a gently undulating route. Old… Continue Reading
Namer of the Clouds: Cirrus 10K, June 2021 – Ben Hales Namer of the Clouds is a new three-race series organised by Ackworth Road Runners to commemorate the town's connection to the 'Godfather of the Clouds', Luke Howard. Though a chemist by trade, in 1802 the amateur meteorologist classified the clouds by their appearance, and his nomenclature is still used today. The races are Cirrus 10 Kilometres, Cumulus 10 Mile and Stratus Half Marathon. This weekend me and Melissa Massarella headed to Frickley Colliery for the inaugural event, the Cirrus 10K. I'd checked beforehand what cirrus clouds were all about. Cirrus are known to raise the temperature of the air beneath… Continue Reading
KMR #12 – Braithwell Boxing Day Race, December 2019 – Ben Hales A vintage series Nowadays you usually get to register online for races. Yes, you pay extra for the payment technology, their marketing campaigns and another T-shirt you'll hardly wear, but it's simple and convenient and that's the modern way to do things. On the other hand, these twelve events are so old fashioned. They're barely advertised and there's no clothes giveaway. You have to fill in a piece of paper then hand over cash in a pub function room. There's certainly no chip timing. At this one they get the local farmer, decked in his best tweed to set runners… Continue Reading
Kiveton Park Cross Country, November 2019 – Lynn Hutchinson 'Twas my 3rd year doing cross country and this morning I’ll be honest, not sure if anyone could tell but I really wasn’t feeling it! Adi chapped the door so there was no going back! Off to pick Jo up then on our way to Kiveton park. When we got there we were the first club to arrive. Not my finest hour attempting to make small talk with Keith Binney asking him where we pitch the gazebo as I was stood right beside the club tents sign!  I’ll not repeat what he said!  The rain came down even harder as… Continue Reading
Chase the Moon 10k, November 2019 – David Hayden So last night (13th Nov) I did the 'Chase the Moon 10k" at the Olympic Park in East London - one of the perks of staying away a lot I can check out local runs and races. Runthrough are the organisers - I did a "chase the sun" about 18 months ago which was at the same place. Anyway last night was my first attempt at seeing what I could do after what feels like a long absence - and have I got a 10k in me that can beat my time from the Caistor Sting in the Tail 10… Continue Reading
Manchester Half Marathon, October 2019 – Mark Benger Awesome race on Sunday at Manchester Half, felt really proud to be a Harrier out there. The support from the locals was fantastic with Jelly babies on supply constantly!! The rain was making its usual Manchester appearance pre-race but fortunately it gave way at the start... Started off with the usual fast pace before realising if I don't slow down I may not make this, then settling into a nice but steady rhythm but still knowing I could go quicker if I needed to... Like GNR the first 4 miles was weaving and dodgy people until everyone started to disperse.....… Continue Reading
Gower Ultra 50, October 2019 – Jonathan Jones (Sorry, I made it as short as I could) I'd wanted to run an ultra for a while, partly due to the "encouragement" of a certain men's captain, and partly because I felt I had a point to prove to myself after what I considered two failed attempts at GB24 and Manvers Dusk til Dawn, having not achieved the 32 miles that seems to be the acceptable distance to qualify according to the ultra community (whether or not this is official I don't know, but it played on my mind nevertheless). I won't lie, when some of the other Harriers… Continue Reading
Sheffield TenTenTen, October 2019 – Adi Tuplin As usual I turned up at Endcliffe Park without having a clue about the race I was taking part in, I seem to be making a habit of that - note to self, must do homework in future! But today wasn't about me, it was about Claire who had taken on her toughest challenge yet on what turned out to be a difficult off road route with plenty of hills, mud, obstacles etc. For those who don't know Claire is visually impaired and needs a guide to be able to take part in the sport she loves - which is… Continue Reading
Robin Hood 100 – September 2019, Adi Tuplin For all the great and successful races we do there are also the ones that don't go so well, I think we all need to hear about those and learn from them - hence this report. Failure is a massive learning aid, I think we learn more from that than success - but it all depends what we do with that knowledge that counts x I'll start this report several weeks before the race when I woke up with a start one morning in realisation that my biggest race ever was just over a month away and apart from the… Continue Reading