Sessions for week commencing 27th May.

Evening all, forms for this week are now up! Please make sure that you are putting your name down if you intend to come to any of the sessions.

No social planned as yet for Tuesday. Will update the form should one be made available.

The track session on Tuesday is as follows:
6 x (3 mins / 90 second recoveries). The efforts should be alternating between 10K and 5K paces.
6 x (90 seconds / 90 seconds). The efforts this time should be alternating between 5K and 3K paces.

You will need to be disciplined with this one, learn to dial into your race paces, otherwise you may overcook it early and spend the rest of the session moaning at Scully (who is taking the session 🤣😂🤣).

Thursday’s route is M4R (M4, in Reverse)!

Have a good week!