Sessions for week commencing 20th May.

Evening all, form for Tuesday is now up – please make sure your name is down if you’re coming along!

Thursday we are AWAY. It’s Ben’s away run, if you would like a chip butty then I would make sure you get on that ASAP in this post in the FB group.

These runs are always great fun and a brilliant way to explore the area!

Tuesday’s session is a mixed bag.

First part is as follows (these should be controlled efforts, NOT sprints):
10 x 1 min / 1 min recovery. ^5K pace and above
10 x 30 sec / 1 min recovery. ^5K pace and above

Those who are running Edinburgh should then call it a day (if not after the 1 min reps).

The rest of us will finish with a cherry on top (1K @ 10K pace).

If you are racing at Scunthorpe or anywhere else, then obviously take this session a bit easier and as always, back off / call it early if you need to.

See you in the week!