Run Reports

Danum Grim Sleepers Endure 24 – Danum Grim Sleepers – Jim Holloway My team comprised of Jo Derx, Ruth Medlock, David Langford and Matthew Thomas Burns - a late replacement for Ian Gillings, who unfortunately hadn't recovered from a long term injury in time to compete. The name was simple enough, based purely on the fact that we were unlikely to get much sleep! I took part in Endure 2018 as a late replacement for David, who had become injured whilst running the 2018 Manchester marathon, so it was especially nice for me that he was able to fulfil his role this year and a complete bonus that he and I ended… Continue Reading
Danum Divas Endure 24 – Danum Divas – Neil Costigan Well now the Bramham dust has settled and I have slept, just thought I'd take this opportunity to put into words my Captain's experience of Endure 24 in regards Team Danum Divas. When I agreed to Captain a team at Endure 24 I told Nick Hutchinson I wanted a team that was not too serious or ambitious and was delighted with my team as I thought we were all in it for the 'joy' of being part of the event. How wrong I was. It has been my absolute pleasure to Captain the wonderful group of ladies in my team.… Continue Reading
Trunce #5, June 2019 – Ben Hales Not walking the Trunce. In the countryside north-west of Sheffield, nine trail races take place in the warmer months each year. With climbs, descents, obstacles and three river crossings of the upper Don, they're always experiences both challenging and scenic. The Trunce 3.8 mile series has been going since 1968, when six steel industry office workers started having regular races to train for football. It's named after one of the farms on the route. While only a few dozen took part for the first occasions, around four hundred run nowadays. It is still a no-fuss affair. Facilities are basic, there… Continue Reading
The Wall, June 2019 – Kevin Reardon So I said I would try my hand at writing up an events report for The Wall… a couple of disclaimers: I have a 48 hour memory, so I don’t remember much of the detail. I’m not a story-teller, I’m not creative and I really don’t know what aspects of the run people actually want to know about… also this was only my 2nd Ultra so I’ve very little to compare it against. All that said… For those that don’t know, The Wall is a 69 mile run starting at Carlisle castle and ending at the Millenium Bridge in Newcastle.… Continue Reading