KMR #5 – Roche Abbey Dash, July 2019 – Mick Plant

So I arrived at 6pm at Maltby Catholic club, filled in my race form, paid my £5 and was duly handed number ’44’. There were a few familiar faces from the Maltby guys who came to our away run and they were friendly as always. My friend Tim from the Kimmy Striders then arrived and our usual banter took place. I then got talking to a KMR newcomer who asked me what Dan-um was, I explained it was pronounced Day-num!! but then told him all about our great club. I was relieved to see David Langford and Ben Hales arrive so I wasn’t the only Harrier. One of the Maltby guys told me the race was bumpy in places but no long climbs like the earlier Maltby Memorial race and 2 miles shorter.

So off to the start we went, only a short walk into the fields and another Harrier was waiting for us, Dave Mccabe who I had not met before. A quick team photo and the group of 150+ runners were all keen to go.
A short race brief where we were told the 3 tail runners were a Doctor, Hairdresser and a Funeral Director so all bases were covered!

And off we went, a very congested start which was the same route as the Memorial race so I tried to get as close to the front as possible. We then went through the 1st of several gates (and as David Langford said later, no one knows what the gate etiquette is). The 1st mile or so was through the woods and you needed to make progress whenever the opportunity arose. We then made our way into the grounds of Roche Abbey although I wasn’t much for sight seeing as I was too busy cursing how hot I was in my t-shirt and long socks). I knew I was the 1st Harrier at this point but knew the others wouldn’t be far away. We had a bit of a stepping stone feature and then more woods with a bit of field edges. We also had to contend with runners coming the other way but no real issues. I looked at my watch and 3 miles had passed and I let myself think ‘this isn’t bad’. Then it happened, the twist all the KMR races seem to have, a almost vertical steep climb. Burning legs followed and then onto another climb ahhhhhh!!! I admit I was almost at walking pace but the friendly Marshalls continued with their ‘well done Danum’ shouts, of which there is usually plenty at KMR’s. I managed to negotiate the climbs which then took us onto the last .75 mile which consisted of undulating field edges and trails through the woods. I had a Clowne runner on my tail but I was stubborn and managed to finish strongly to again shouts of ‘great run Danum’!. My watch said 4.42 miles with a time of 32.46 which didn’t tell the full story, a 486ft elevation gain made sure I had to work for it. David Langford was soon back (which after his Endure exploits was a great effort). The 2nd Dave followed the 1st Dave with Ben then finishing strongly shortly after. All 4 Harriers home in good time with plenty behind us.

I had a few people questioning my choice of sleeved T-shirt so I was able to tell my Lost Luggage with vest story to anyone happy to listen!

My favourite part of any KMR Race was now in sight, the buffet and they didn’t disappoint. A massive variety of pre packed sandwiches and homemade cakes on display and clever tactics required to get a good place in the queue.  I didn’t stick around for the prize giving but there is usually a good prize table.

Next KMR Race is Wednesday 17th July at 7pm – 5k from Milton Arms, Greasebrough. It woukd be great to have a blue & yellow invasion!!

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KMR 5, Roche Abbey