Endure 24 – Danum Divas – Neil Costigan

Well now the Bramham dust has settled and I have slept, just thought I’d take this opportunity to put into words my Captain’s experience of Endure 24 in regards Team Danum Divas.

When I agreed to Captain a team at Endure 24 I told Nick Hutchinson I wanted a team that was not too serious or ambitious and was delighted with my team as I thought we were all in it for the ‘joy’ of being part of the event. How wrong I was. It has been my absolute pleasure to Captain the wonderful group of ladies in my team. Your drive and ambition to achieve was truly humbling and your never give in attitudes clearly mirrors that of the most gifted runners within the club. The way we went to the finish to cheer in our team members and show care for each other by having a drink of water ready for the finishing runner showed true team spirit.
You all had your individual goals and I’m sure you surpassed these. Jackie Hutchinson not only doing one more lap than planned but ensuring they were done in under an hour – true respect. Lindsey arriving having been on a bender the night before, again completing one more lap than planned all around the hour mark. Thinking of incorporating three pints of cider and all the other drinks into my training regime if it brings about these results! Also, having completed four laps and time running out, I threatened both these ladies they must complete their last lap in under 1 hour each so I could get in my 5th lap. They duly obliged, thank you ladies. Stacey always expressed serious doubts whether she should attend or not with her ongoing injury problems, but with gentle persuasion and pleading on my part she agreed to try and do a couple of laps, walking if necessary. Stacey amazingly did double that, a real trooper. Also on the lap she was literally ‘running’ in the woods as she desperately needed a toilet break. Being Stacey she waited until the water stop, queued while the facilities were being cleaned. Total class – take note Lynn Hutchinson! Finally, due to Sam Charlesworth sustaining an ankle injury with only two days to go (missed you Sam – get well soon), Zoe Kerrigan stepped in with only two days notice and still did four laps – what an absolute superstar. If I had to pick my highlight of this weekend (and there has been many) it was watching Zoe running up that last hill to the finish line on her last lap with the biggest smile on her face. I have to admit it brought me to tears – well done Zoe, loved it and thanks for stepping in.

Personally, I had a great time and did far better than I expected having recently had two poor races I wasn’t anticipating much but surprised myself. With the support from my team and those other Harriers at the event it proves that anything is possible.  Finally I can think of no better way finishing off this report than in the words of Dana International (well almost)!

Viva the Divas
We were victorious
Viva the Divas
Endure’s notorious
But we smashed ya!

Danum Divas