This week’s sessions (w/c 9th Jan)

Hi all, forms for this week are up! Please make sure you put your name down if you’re coming along.

Tuesday’s interval session will be loops of the outer path of the Rail College, with recovery to take place in the College car park. Varying number of reps according to group / ability / base mileage.

Alternatively, Mick is leading a social with Lynn and Jo. It’ll be between 5 and 6 miles on tarmac, with a cutoff around 4 miles.

Thursday’s route is R3R, which is ~6.8 miles.

For those doing marathon training, hopefully you are all keeping detailed notes – whether on paper, Strava (or equivalent) or both. That way you can look back on training when it’s all over and see what went right or wrong (and at what point in time) etc.

Have a good weekend, see you in the week!