This week’s sessions (w/c 3rd Apr)

Hi all, forms for next week are up. Please remember – put your name down if you’re coming!

On Tuesday, Mark Bower will be leading a social run. This is likely to be on a mix of road and into and out of a bit of trail before the light fails.

The interval session at the Rail College is 10 * (90 seconds at ~5K pace, off 90 second recovery).

Thursday’s route will skip to R5 for the benefit of those in marathon taper (it’s a shorter route – just over 5 miles).

The following week, if the weather and light permits, we are likely to begin back on our mixed routes. M1 is 6 miles, but offers a cut short of just over 3 miles – ideal for those in the final throes of taper before Manchester, or for those carrying on regardless. Will update on that next week.

See you in the week!