This week’s sessions (w/c 29th May)

Evening all, forms for next week are up. Please put your name down if you’re coming, even if there isn’t currently a leader assigned to your group.

No social planned for Tuesday at the moment. We will update the forms if that changes.

The interval session is with Scully and Julie and will be in Sandall Beat Woods. The jog there is 1.75 miles (and same again back, obviously). If you want to meet closer to the venue, then please be in the car park for just before 7pm, where the group will pick you up along the way. Even more important that your name is down on the forms if you do that, so that they know to expect you.

Thursday’s route is M3, which uses the bridge in Sandall Beat. That is now going to remain open until the 16th of June.

Have a good week!