This week’s sessions (w/c 24th July)

Hi all, forms for next week are up. Please ensure your name is down if you’re coming along.

Tuesday’s offerings are either a 5K time trial or perimeter reps (number variant), both from the Rail College.

It is helpful to know in advance a couple of paces before each of the sessions listed above (and any which involve loops of the Rail College).

Each loop of the college is approximately 1.25km, so when you’re advised to run at or just above your target 5K pace and you don’t actually know what that is, you can divide the minutes you intend to complete the race at by 4 and this will give you the time in which you should complete one full loop of the perimeter.

For example, if you’re looking to run a 30 minute 5K: 30 / 4 = 7 minutes 30 seconds per loop.
20 minute 5K: 20 / 4 = 5 minutes per loop.
For your 10K pace, divide by 8 (or simpler to divide by 4 and then by 2 if you’re calculating on the spot).
For example, 48 minute 10K = 48 / 4 = 12 / 2 = 6 minutes per loop.

If you want to calculate paces so you can keep checking against your watch, then this website is handy.

Enter your time in hours, minutes seconds and the distance of the race.
Then choose ‘per mile’ or ‘per km’, dependent on which you prefer to work in, then click calculate and it’ll tell you your target pace.

There is currently no social on Tuesday, we will update the form if that changes.

We’re going to try a new route on Thursday. It’s approximately 10K.

See you in the week!