This week’s sessions (w/c 1st May)

Evening all. Forms for next week are up – please remember to put your name down if you’re coming, it’s literally a couple of clicks if you do it yourself.

No social so far on Tuesday. We will modify the form if this changes.

The interval session will be Diagonals on Cantley Park. This is to take place on one of the football pitches. If we can’t secure a pitch, it’ll be 20 * (45s off 45s) on grass.

The jog to and from the park is about 1.5 miles each way from the Cycle Hub. There is an option to come and meet us there (preferably come to the Hub first) if you’d prefer to do that – in which case, please have a small jog once you’re there to get warm before we join you for a dynamic warm up before the session. Meeting point will be around here

Thursday’s route is M1. Have the mozzy spray ready!