This week’s sessions (w/c 10th Oct)

Hi all, forms for this week are up! Please remember to sign in if coming.

Tuesday’s session will be a mixed fartlek set at the Rail College, consisting of:
Warm up jog from Hub to the college
Dynamic stretches once there
1 x 8 min + 2 min jog recovery jog
1 x 6 min + 2 min jog recovery,
1 x 4 min + 2 min jog recovery,
1 x 2 min + 90 sec jog recovery.
Cool down jog back to Hub.

If you own a watch with a lap button, then it’s worth familiarising yourself with how to use this for these sessions. Each time you alter your speed (when the whistle blows!) press your lap button. This will allow you to see your splits afterwards, so you can see what pace you’re hitting in each interval (in, for example, Garmin Connect) rather than stopping and starting your watch altogether and missing the recoveries out. Strava subscribers also get to see these splits in detail there.

If you have a Garmin, you can pre-program your watch in advance
(just remember that if we have a rolling start like we did this week, not to start your watch until the first whistle blows or you’ll be all out of sync!)

We will not be offering a social run on Tuesday this week, since interest seems to have petered off a little (both from those in attendance and those leading) while we’re in this block up to Doncaster 10K. You are welcome to jog steadily around / inside the Rail College instead of doing the main set instead.

Thursday’s route is R4, which is around 7.3 miles. It wouldn’t hurt to wear fluorescent clothing when possible, so as not to give traffic an excuse of not seeing you. Head torches aren’t a bad idea either (try not to dazzle each other! 😆)

See you in the week!