Sessions for week commencing 6th May.

Morning all, forms for this week are now up! Please put your name down if you’re coming. It is essential that you do this in order that we can provision leaders properly to each group.

Speaking of which, Chris put out a call for volunteers for this coming Tuesday to help him complete his LiRF training.

If you value these Thursday sessions and want to be able to continue running in them, then you have a responsibility to help us ensure that you’re able to do so by putting your name forward if you’re able, particularly if you have not helped before. You will only need to turn up 30 minutes before the Tuesday session if you’re coming to that.

More than half of the people who have volunteered for Tuesday are already other leaders!

We have several more people completing their training over the coming weeks and will need more help with those. It’s not fair to keep relying upon the same people. Please do your bit.

Tuesday’s session is ~2K reps (2 laps of the track), with 90 second recoveries.
Recommended workouts are:
G1 – 4 reps
G2/3/4 – 3 reps (with additional 1K rep for Edinburgh marathon runners)
G5 – either 3 reps, or 2 reps with additional 1K rep
Obviously tailor these according to your training volume and current fitness.
Don’t forget that if you have a watch with lap functionality (all Garmins do this), then you can use your lap button after each rep instead of hitting start/stop. You will have different data screens on the watch (which you can often edit to your liking), one of which will show lap time.
So if you’ve been guessing at how long your rest is, spend some moments familiarising yourself with how your watch works because this will do it for you.
If you don’t have a watch with this functionality, I would recommend that you run with someone who has.

Mick is taking a social for those who would like to just jog on Tuesday instead.

Thursday’s route is M5. This is just over 10K in distance and goes over pit top. There are no shortcuts (unless you know your way back through the woods).
If it rains, then you may want to wear trail shoes for the sloppy bits in the woods, otherwise old road shoes will probably be fine.

See you in the week!