Sessions for week commencing 4th March.

Morning all, forms for this coming week are up! As always, please make sure that you put your name down if you’re coming to any of the sessions.

The main session on Tuesday is 20 * (1 min / 1 min recovery) with a 1K cherry on top at the end. Homework before then (Jim will be spot-checking 🤪) is to:
a) have a half marathon goal time in mind
b) go here (or install the app) and enter this time, and it will tell you what the pace is per km for that time and distance.
c) remember it for the 1K rep as above

As an alternative, Nick will lead a social – all road, just over 10K at 10 minute/mile pace.

Thursday’s route is R6 in Reverse and is just over 10K (~6.5 miles). There is a shortcut at about 5K (~3.1 miles) we believe.

See you in the week!