Sessions for week commencing 26th February.

Evening everyone! The forms for next week are now up, please make sure that you are putting your name down if you’re coming to any of the sessions.

We received a number of messages last week the night before Thursday’s session from people saying they couldn’t book because the groups were full. If you know you’re definitely coming to these sessions, please get your name down early so that we have plenty of time to make arrangements to ensure that you can run with us.

A reminder also on etiquette – you MUST run to the pace of the group, which is set by the leader and not you.
Sometimes that pace will be faster than advertised, sometimes slower – the leader will manage this based on how everyone else is coping in the group.
Generally speaking, if you are in front of the leader, you are in the wrong place and you should put yourself on the naughty step by jogging (not stopping and waiting) to the BACK of the group. You should be regularly checking your placement within the group and adjusting your own pace accordingly.

Remember that these Thursday nights are social runs. The paces are set as a guideline so that everyone in your group has a reasonable expectation of how quickly they need to run and so that they are not left clinging on at the back because someone’s decided that’s the night they want to treat it like a time trial!

On Tuesday, David L will take a social run.

The track session is ~1km repeats. Suggested reps:
G1 / G2 marathoners: x 8
G2 / G3, those on otherwise high volume: x 7

Minimum: x 5
each with 1 min rest.

3 * (1K, 600m, 400m)
5 * 200m

Thursday’s route is new and is about 6.5 miles. There is a shortcut back down Bawtry Road, which will bring it to about 4 miles.

See you in the week!