Sessions for week commencing 25th March.

Morning all, forms for this week are now up! Please make sure you are putting your name down for these sessions if you intend to come to any of them.

On Tuesday, David will take a social run.

The work on the track will vary according to group / mileage / whether or not you’re marathon training, but suggested workouts are:
2 * (2K, 1K, 400m *
2K, 1K, 400m * 4
2K, 400m * 4
G3 / G4:
2K, 1K, 400m * 4
1K, 400m * 4
2K, 1K, 400m * 4
90 second rests after 2K and 1K, 60 seconds rest after 400m. Easier to explain on the track when we’re there.

Thursday’s route is one of the newer ones. It’s about 7.3 miles and there is a shortcut more or less half way through it.

Well done to everyone who raced last night and HUGE thanks to everyone who helped in the lead up and came down to support. It’s honestly a wonderful thing to see and a great source of reassurance to have the club to pull together to make a success of these events as it did last night and events before it. Couldn’t happen without your support.

See you in the week!