Sessions for week commencing 25th December (Ho Ho Ho)

Evening everyone – earlier than usual, the forms for next week (yes, club will be on) are now up. If you are coming, please put your name down.

In a break from the norm, we’ll be doing the interval session on Wednesday (27th) instead of Tuesday (Boxing Day).

Three points on that:

  1. We most likely won’t have access to the inside of the Hub, so you will need to make sure you pop to the loo before you get there (the toilets at the top of the iron stairs next to Icebreaker might be open)
  2. It’s likely to be cold, so please don’t be late.
  3. If you’re not used to running consecutive days on the bounce, then maybe consider taking the shortcut on Thursday (there is one).

Tuesday’s session is some buddy hill reps with Scully.

Thursday’s route is R4.

Merry Christmas Everyone, and see you in the week!