Sessions for week commencing 19th February.

Hi everyone, the forms for this week are now up!
Please ensure that you’re putting your name down if you’re coming along. This is very important, as it helps (amongst many other things) us provision leaders properly so that we have appropriate cover for the number of people running in each group.

Tuesday’s work on the track will be reducing / increasing repeats (down in length, up in intensity).

Track etiquette / discipline should be followed on this one, because people will be crossing over at certain points – avoid bunching up in anything but pairs and leave distance between yourself and the turning points.

The basic set (all with 60 second recoveries) is:

  • ~ 2km (2 full laps)
  • ~ 1km (1 full lap)
  • ~ 600m (from the start/stop point, round the top loop, back to start/stop point)
  • ~ 400m (from the start/stop point, cut across the track on the second turning, back to start/stop point)
  • ~ 200m (from the start/stop point, cut across the track on the first turning, back to start/stop point)

Suggested combinations for these are as follows:

  • G1 / G2 marathoners, 2 full sets.
  • G2 / G3 / G4 / G5, 1 full set then the same again but without 2km rep.
  • Lower G3 / G4 / G5 / beginners / those on low weekly mileage, 1 full set then the same but without the 2k and 1k reps.

Remember that you can use your lap button on your watch (if you have one) at the end of each rep to split them up (vs. just using the start / stop button).
This also begins a timer in most cases, which you can use to monitor how long you have left to rest.
Ensure that you are taking the rests – many people are still not doing this. If you can’t access this information from your watch, pair up with someone who can.

You must be fit and well before undertaking these sessions, they are hard workouts.
If at any point you feel unwell, then you should ease off and / or drop out – live to fight another day!

Thursday’s route is R9.

G1 will most likely do a different route this week (please bring a headtorch).

Good luck to all racing at Wombwell tomorrow.

See you in the week!