Sessions for week commencing 15th January.

Evening everyone, forms for this week are up. Please remember to put your name down if you’re coming along.

Tuesday’s session is 600m reps on the track. The number of reps will vary depending on group/ability, will explain more on the night.

If you have a watch that has a lap button, this session is a good place to use it! Instead of stopping your watch, press the lap button after each rep. You will need to rest for at least one minute and this will be self timed, so not only is it useful for that, but it also splits out the data into readable chunks, so you can see exactly what pace you were doing each rep etc. If you don’t know how to program your Garmin (if that’s what you have) there is a useful page here.

On Thursday we’re going to do a new route that we’ve tried once before – it goes up past Keepmoat, into Bennetthorpe before coming back to the Dome side of town. There’s a shortcut at 4 miles for anyone who needs to take it.

See you in the week!