Sessions for week commencing 15th April.

Hi all, forms for this week are finally up. Sorry, but we are only likely to be offering limited groups this Thursday.

Tuesday’s session is 30 second reps with 1 minute rest. These are NOT sprints – they should be controlled efforts at around your next target 5K race pace or slightly above.

Those doing London Marathon will do 12 sets.
Everyone else will do 20.

Thursday’s route is M2 – this is likely to be muddy in parts, so an old pair of road shoes / trail shoes are advised.

Some further things to get out of the way:

  • Jim still has Road League numbers for Andrew Teasdale, Ben Hales, Dean Clarke and Gemma Scougal. If any of you are wanting to be there this week, then you will need to collect your numbers from him at the club tomorrow evening (or at some point between now and Wednesday night), as he won’t be there this week.
  • Rother Valley Relays 2024: this is on Tuesday 14th May, first race off at 18:30 from Rother Valley park. This was an amazing event last year and we’re hoping to get a huge troupe out there again this time. We’ll post more early next week.
  • Dam Flask Relays 2024 (aka organised chaos): this is on Tuesday 18th June. It’s utter madness, but a fantastic team event taking place in and around Dam Flask Reservoir in (above?) Lower Bradfield, Sheffield. Getting it out there. There’s a hill.
    Again, a wonderful team event and something that should be on your radar.
  • See you in the week!