Sessions for week commencing 12th February.

Hi all, forms for next week are now up – please remember to put your name down if you are coming to any of the sessions.

Track session on Tuesday is as follows… What you do will depend on your group and / or your current weekly volume. For instance, you may be in a higher group but be running low weekly volume and should go for lower number of reps. Or you could be in a lower group, but be used to high volume and can therefore do more. Be sensible with what you’re doing.

Suggested workouts:
3 * (~2K, rest, ~1K, rest) (G1, G2 marathoners)
2 * (~2K, rest, ~1K, rest) + ~2K
2 * (~2K, rest, ~1K, rest) + ~1K
2 * (~2K, rest, ~1K, rest)

Suggested paces should be ~10K – half marathon for the 2K reps and / ~5K – ~10K for the 1K reps.

Recoveries are just 60 seconds this time.
3 * (600m, 400m, 200m)

Rests as long as needed.

Mick is going to take a social run of around 6 miles as an alternative to intervals.

Thursday’s route is a new one – it’s about 7.8 miles in total. There is an opportunity to cut short at 4.2 miles.

See you in the week! 😀