New Kit Shop

The new club shop is now open.

You can find the link via our dedicated website page

The sample vests will be brought to the next few sessions if you need to try on before you order.

Please note:

1. The shop is open until 11 March 22, after that date all orders will be consolidated and a collective order sent into production.

2. The Elite range has a 10% levy added (this will be refunded if more than 5 items of each item are ordered.

3. There will be an approximate lead time of 4-6 weeks for delivery.

4. Sizing of the garments is smaller than we were expecting, so Raceskin is sending larger samples to the club for us to try on, in addition to those we’d initially ordered. These should be available before the cut off.

5. The Black trim on the Elite Vest we are trying to change to Blue for the next round.

6. It is envisaged that we will submit an order bi-monthly, or sooner if demand exists, but also hold some stock for sizing and new members.

7. If you don’t have a top and need one for a race, please let us know your size and we will try and arrange a loan for you until your own top arrives.