Manchester Marathon – Coach

Ok you Manchester marathoners and supporters, below are the key details and handy tips to assist your preparation for the day.

  • The coach will depart at 06:00 from the Vue car park or on the road leading into that car park.
  • Please get there in plenty of time (05:45) so we can get you all onboard ready to leave at 06:00.
  • The coach will drop us as near to the official car parking at Old Trafford. It’s approximately a one mile walk to start area.
  • The coach will depart for our return journey to Doncaster at 16:30 from where it drops us off (tbc that morning when we get dropped off). Again please be there in plenty of time.
  • Please ensure you have a rucksack/bag with everything you’ll need for the day. You will need to put that bag in the bag drop as the coach that drops us off may not be the same one that picks us up.

Suggested things to pack:

  1. A bit of pre race food – it’ll be a long time between eating your porridge at 0515 to your race start so pack a banana, snack bar or two.
  2. A bottle of water / drink.
  3. Vaseline!
  4. Plenty of warm clothing, coat, jogging bottoms, jumper, woolly hat etc. especially for after as you will get cold when your bodies in shock after running all that way!
  5. Mobile Phone for pics and emergency contact.
  6. Money for warm food / hot drink after etc. There are plenty of food stalls near the finish area.
  7. Bottle of water/fluids/protein shake. Snacks for after.
  8. A pair of sliders/flip flops to relieve those feet afterwards.
  9. A small towel to dry yourself or sit on if you’re cramping or need to sit down to get shoes on and off.
  10. Wet wipes, always handy to freshen up after.
  11. Lastly and most importantly, your race number!! Pinned on your running top ready to go!