KMR #6 – Milton 5km, July 2019 – Mick Plant

KMR #6 – Milton/Rockingham 5k

I was a bit worried about this one as when I usually run round this area, I am chasing someone for a different reason! I finished work at 6 and made the 5 minute journey to Greaseborough. Got parked up with relative ease (another 20 minutes and it could have been tricky) and into the Milton Arms pub. It was like going back 20 years, old fashioned but nice and friendly. Paid my £5 and got issued number 142. It seemed a bit quiet but still the same regulars were there from Kimmy Striders and Maltby AC and obviously Rotherham Harriers as it was their event. The heavens then opened and I was hoping my road shoes would be ok?
Ben Hales was a late arrival and doubled the Harriers numbers so I wasn’t the only one. We then headed towards the start which was a big playing field off Wagon Road and after everyone had warmed up we were ready to go. The numbers were lower but there was at least 100 present.

The race started and as usual I started near the back and we ran onto Wingfield Road and into the housing estate. This was not like other KMR races as it was all paved but no less hilly! We made the longish climb up through an area called Rockingham for around 0.75 miles which took us through 2 underpasses which for some reason had become very slippy.  At the top of the climb we turned left onto town lane and along there and back into the housing estate.  Half way down the previous climb and then turned round to do the climb again ?. This was where you crossed other runners and the odd pleasantry of ‘well done’ was shared.  I had seen Ben before I was turned around and he looked to be running well.

On the 2nd climb I managed to pass a few usual rivals and gain on what I would call one the the elite runners. She is a Rotherham Harrier and always 1st lady home, I never get near her so this was a shot in the arm. Back along Town Lane and then all the way down the climb (very quick but slippy!) and back onto the field we started.  We had about 200 metres to run and I was only 20 metres behind the aforementioned elite runner so I decided it was gonna be my day.  Managed to get by and beat her to the finish ? I shouldn’t be smug but I was happy with that ?.  Ben followed behind not too far back and we were both home.  Ben had to leave so I went back to the pub with some of my Kimmy Strider mates to have a milky coffee and an old fashioned buffet which consisted of sandwiches, pork pie and 2 things that shouldn’t be allowed – Black Pudding and Bread with Dripping ?

Sorry it’s a bit long and narcisstic but it was from my view point ?

Next race is 1st August – Butchers Dog leg which is on our doorstep in Braithwell, would be great to see you there!

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Mick Plant Milton 5km