Askern 10 Mile (Club Championship Race 7), Aug 2019 – Mick Plant

A lovely day for a run is my description for the day with 15 Harriers turning up creating a bit of a Blue and Yellow wave with the 3 Syds bringing their much appreciated support. This was the 3rd race of the Askern RC calendar and definitely the toughest to follow Norton 9 and Askern 10k. £11 with a tee-shirt thrown in represents great value and the races really are a must in my opinion.

So off into the estate we went and there was over 500 runners getting ready for the start and before I had even got in position, we were away! It was a nice start off out into the countryside with the 1st 2.5 miles or so being quite flat through Campsall Village and a bit of Norton. Then the 1st bit of bumpyness which lasted about 1.5 miles with at a very steep bump which drained your legs up Norton and Kirk Smeaton Rd. It was then a long run down Green gate road for another mile or so. It was then along Woodfield Rd/Bone Lane (where I think Ben Hales was and nearly lost his Camera). Chris Ramsey was out and supporting at various points around the course. It was then a right turn onto Burghwallis Rd with another bit of steep climbing before turning back and heading back into Sutton Village which took us roughly to the 8 mile marker. I was suffering at this point but I couldn’t see any blue and yellow in front or behind so ended up in a little battle with a Ackworth Runner (not sure he knew but I did!). It was then the familiar last 2 miles from the Askern 10k out onto the A19 at the Owston Pub and a run to the finish. On turning into the WMC field, The Syds could be heard so I managed a sprint past the aforementioned Ackworth Runner (he didn’t show it but I know he was gutted!). And the welcome bleep of chip timing sounded and it was allover! I went straight for my Tee-shirt and a needed drink of orange squash. I saw Jim and Dave were back and I was able to shout home everyone else. Another great day to be a Harrier and a great race and run by everyone.

Hope to see you all at the next CC at Pontefract!

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