This week’s sessions (w/c 29th Aug)

Afternoon all. Forms are up!

For Tuesday:

1: The Social will be led by Amanda, around 5.5 – 6 miles. It will be mainly tarmac, with a bit of trail (no woods) and will leave from the Hub as usual.

2: The interval session will be WO1 from the training library (90 seconds on off 90 seconds recovery – see the new download link on that page with the Garmin workout file) with Scully and Jo Derx and will be in the woods. Meet at Sandall Beat Car Park at 6:30ish for that, NOT the Hub!

For Thursday, we will be trying a new route. It could be the last off-road run of the season, so you should try and make it if possible (plus feedback on the route would be welcome and help us decide whether or not we incorporate it into the rota for next year):

G1 – Dave Scully
G2 – Mick Plant
G3 – Andy Chapman
G4 – Julie Turner Adams
G5 – Aaron Heath