2021 Award Nominations Needed!

OK so it might not be quite the Olympics but we do have a few trophies up for grabs all the same soon at the next upcoming AGM + Awards evening (early April, date tbc) ??????

So folks it’d be hugely appreciated if you could send your nominations in to Adi for the following :-

?DHRC Runner of the year – male and female.
?DHRC Harrier of the year – 1 award only.

The criteria for ROTY is simply for the runner/s (M & F) who you think have had the best year running wise – (Jan to Dec 2021). This can be success as in trophies, etc or success as in their own personal journey, your choice ?.

The criteria for HOTY is same as the monthly award and can be for anybody who has gone the extra mile for club and/or colleagues in 2021, basically the person who’s displayed the most Harrierness in your opinion!

So to round up it’s 1x Harrier of the year nomination, and 1x each male and female Runner of the year nominations please.

Please, please do nominate guys – even if you’re not 100% I’m sure there’s somebody who’s made you raise your eyebrows and give them a slight tip of the hat at some point in the last year ?.

Please also give a brief description for your choice as well, it’ll help us when compiling candidates and making final choices.

Let Adi know your choices as soon as you can – you can email him at chairman@danumharriers.co.uk