Thursday 18th July – 5.5 Mile Run (M1R)

Thursday is bringing us an exciting new challenge – reversed routes!  This being the first, you would be correct if you guessed it would be M1, the 5.5 Mile route out from the Dome and past the Racecourse into Sandall Beat Wood.  As this is the reversed route it is now an anti-clockwise run, so we will head into Sandall Beat and over the railway bridge first, before looping back and over and then anti-clockwise around Sandall Beat “proper”.

You’re all (hopefully) aware that you can trace the route by hovering your mouse (or using your finger on mobile devices) over the altitude graph and it will show the relevant point on the route as you slide.  If you weren’t – well you are now!

Remember everyone – the route is reversed, so it’s anti-clockwise!!!

Total distance: 5.47 mi


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