Inter-Club COVID-19 Relay

DAC have been in touch asking if we’d be up for an alternative relay race whilst we’re still able to run from our own homes.  Here’s how it works – Both clubs will have 2 teams, one odd and one even, depending on your birth date (for example if you were born on the 2nd you’d be in the even team or born on the 3rd you’d be in the odds team).

One runner from each team (alternating between male and female) goes out per day, runs for 19 minutes then clocks (in km) how far they managed to get in those 19 minutes. The next runner goes out (at their availability) the next day and so on and we total the km’s up at the end of the week and share them with DAC.  For recording the distance most of you use Strava, so that’ll do (or whatever method you can manage if not Strava). Take a selfie at some point!

Schedule and latest results can be found here

Jim has rostered everyone in. No particular order, with the exception of those who’re injured or self-isolating or easing back into running, who he’s put to the back.

If you’re unable to make the date he’s listed, please let him know, but include a couple of dates that you *can* make (making sure that it’s a date that another member of the same sex as you should be running) and we’ll try and swap you around.

Sorry if you’re towards the back and wanted to get out sooner, obviously not everyone can go first, we suspect we’ll all get a couple of goes at this.

Anyway hope it all makes sense, any questions please ask!