Roche Abbey 10k

Here are the results from Race 1 of the 2021 Club Championships – the Roche Abbey “10km”

Results were awarded as follows:
1. Lowest time taken from Strava/Grim’s provisional results.
2. All age grading based on 5.85 miles distance and calculated using the formula on this page *
3. Finishing points based on average pace, which should be consistent according to watch.
4. Total points sorted by finishing points and in the event of a tie, secondary data is age grade (affected Jo and Jenny who were tied for points).
* With the exception of Mick, Ben, James Bunn and Jenny – the men who did the ‘right’ (or ‘wrong’ according to the organisers ?) route and Jenny who did… something else.

NamePACE (used in calcs)Age Grade %Age Grade PointsDistance PointsFinishing PointsTOTAL
James Holloway7.22611031023
Mick Plant7.3657.1393921
James Bunn7.3956.4473818
Matthew Bell7.3955.6663716
Colin Anderson 9.156.6283112
Lee Adams8.2955.2653311
Nathaniel Redcliffe8.0252.7513610
Ben Hales8.2653.642349
Ben Chapman8.0751.720358
Stephen Stewardson1054.974307
David Hayden9.1153.863306
Ben Small 950.350325
Greg Clark11.1842.090303
Courtney Kirk10.3940.10303
Julie Adams 8.2661.731031023
Lynn Hutchinson 958.2193820
Keira Durston 8.5353.7373919
Laura Clark9.1153.8783718
Joanne Derx9.4652.8463514
Jenny Burton9.1852.0153614
Melissa Masserella 9.5851.2743411
Jenna Rumley10.3146.33339
Claire Hayden10.444.852327
Susan Hookway11.1244.851304
Katy Burton 11.0542.920314