2020 Club Championship

This consists of 10 races spread out over 2020. We have selected a mixture of events that don’t clash with the road league, dam flask relays and hopefully the cross country series (these are still tbc) that aren’t too far away and don’t get booked up too quickly.

The latest results from this year’s Championship can be found here

RACE 1 – February 16th Wombwell 5 mile

RACE 2 – March 1st Norton 9 mile

RACE 3 – Co-virt 1 10km

RACE 4 – Co-virt 2 10km

RACE 5 – July 24th-26th Danum Virtual 5km

RACE 6 – Doncaster Virtual 10km





Out of a total of 10 races points will be awarded according to race distance, placing and age graded scores.

Age adjusted scores:
10 Points for the highest age graded score 1st male and female
9 Points for the 2nd highest age graded score 2nd male and female
8 Points for the 3rd highest age graded score 3rd male and female
7 Points for the 4th highest age graded score 4th male and female
6 Points for the 5th highest age graded score 5th male and female
5 Points for the 6th highest age graded score 6th male and female
4 Points for the 7th highest age graded score 7th male and female
3 Points for the 8th highest age graded score 8th male and female
2 Points for the 9th highest age graded score 9th male and female
1 Point for the 10th highest age graded score 10th male and female
The age grade will be based on a member’s age on 1st January at the start of the Championship year and will not be changed until the following 1st January. This will be calculated using the tool on this page

Distance points to every competitor:
5 Points – Half marathon
4 Points – 10 miles
3 Points – 9 miles
2 Points – 10km
1 Point – 5 mile

Points for finishing positions:
10 points – 1st male and female
9 points – 2nd male and female
8 points – 3rd male and female
7 points – 4th male and female
6 points – 5th male and female
5 points – 6th male and female
4 points – 7th male and female
3 points – 8th male and female
2 points – 9th male and female
1 point – 10th male and female

Points scoring will be calculated and posted after each event and there will be Club Championship awards for the 3 highest scoring males and 3 highest scoring females which will be presented at the AGM in April 2021.

We have kept the races as local as possible, apart from Grimsby 10km where we’ll go for fish and chips and a game of rounder’s on the beach after! It would be fantastic to get as many harriers as possible to these events as we are pretty awesome when we all get together!

We will keep an eye on the release dates for all these races but some are already open so let’s get booking!