Parkrun Tourist Trophy

Tourist Parkrun Results so far………

Only Rother Valley left this Saturday and the Top Two on each Leader Board are:

Chris Ramsey – G1 – Won 4
Dave Scully – G1 – Won 2

Angelo Larusso – G2 – Won 4
Sharon Dale – G2 – Won 2

Heather Marsh – G3 – Won 2
Amanda Lane – G3 – Won 2

Steven Farrell – G4 – Won 4
Jane Farrell – G – Won 2

Chris Ramsey is our winner for G1 – can’t be beat
Angelo Larusso is our winner for G3 – can’t be beat
Steve Farrell is our winner for G4 – can’t be beat

It’s between Heather and Amanda for the winner in G3 this coming Saturday.

Awards will be at the AGM in February 2018.

Well done to all our winners and participants!

The latest results can be found here