2018 Attendance Award

This award is to encourage members to attend regular club nights (Tuesdays and Thursdays). A weekly register will be marked by either Nick or Lynn Hutchinson.


  1. You must be present and participate in the club night runs on a Tuesday or Thursday.2. Time Trial nights are included, even if you use the loops for recovery runs.
  2. Attendance awards runs from 1st January to 31st December.
  3. You must make it known to Nick or Lynn for them to mark you on the register each night you attend.
  4. Awards given at the annual AGM for the male and female with the best attendance throughout the year. From Jan - Dec.
  5. Must be a member as from 1st January.

The current standings are shown in the table below:

Adrian Tuplin6
Alex Roberts0
Amanda Lane6
Andrew Halliday3
Angela Wilson0
Ann Saxton0
Annemarie Brooks7
Anthony Larusso0
Ben Goundry3
Beverley Harland0
Bob Coleman0
Brendan McAlinden8
Brian Nash0
Brian Taylor2
Bruce Drummond1
Carl Jennings0
Carl Saxton0
Caroline Greening3
Caroline Hunsley5
Catherine Dear0
Charlie Amory4
Chris Newman2
Chris Ramsay6
Chris Watson5
Christina Temperton-Slemon0
Claire Durose6
Clare Hayden5
Clare-Mare Falero0
Craig Ward4
Dave Etherington2
Dave Finch2
Dave Scully8
David Burkitt2
David McCabe0
David Hopgood0
David Hunt0
David Langford2
David Wade6
Dawn McMorran0
Debbie Proctor1
Dominic Marcos Sierra5
Eleanor Bull7
Gemma Shakespeare2
Graham Coates0
Greg Clarke1
Heather Jones8
Heather Marsh3
Hollie Webster2
Iain Taylor3
Ian Gillings6
Ian Wright0
Jacqueline Hutchinson3
Jane Farrell7
Janet Hindley0
Janine Craythorn0
Jason Dear0
Jason Harland0
Jeff Scully0
Jenny Burton0
Joanne Derx5
Joanne Oldfield2
Joe Scully7
John Watson4
Jon Worthington9
Julie Holdsworth2
June Drummond7
Karen Leivers0
Karina Chadbourne0
Kathryn Pinchbeck6
Katrina Hilton9
Keith Lindley7
Keith Temperton-Slemon0
Ken Marsh3
Kevin Taylor3
Kieran Tuplin1
Lee Partington0
Lindsey Swain4
Louise Wilkinson0
Lynn Hutchinson9
Malc Proctor0
Mark Bower0
Mark Eanor0
Mark Hudson9
Mark Powell0
Martin Botfield0
Martin Oliver3
Matthew Farrell0
Michelle Skillcorn1
Nahan Hoyland0
Nathan Murphy3
Neil Pratt6
Neil Costigan5
Nick Hilton1
Nick Hutchinson7
Nicolas Germain0
Paul Harris0
Paul Lane6
Paul Mullen1
Paul Murphy2
Paul Redshaw0
Paul Wright7
Paul Wright0
Paula Davies4
Peter Cooper0
Peter Poppy2
Phil Kimber0
Rachel Gordon5
Richard Elliott0
Richard Lambert7
Richard Purcell7
Richard Purdy0
Sarah Shaw0
Sharon Dale8
Shaun Coe2
Sian Moran0
Simon Barnes1
Simon Elliott6
Simon Hames0
Simon Piggott9
Simon Rayner7
Stefano Zammuto2
Steve Kellett0
Steve Walls3
Steven Evans0
Steven Farrell9
Stuart Livingstone0
Tariq Shah0
Tina Blee0
Tracey Gibbons1
Tracy Tuplin9
Trish Cowling0
Vicky Lindley0
Warren O'Brien0
James Holloway6
Andrew Webster2
Steve Powell3
Robert Etherington3
Lyndsey Walsh3
Yvonne Richards1
Jackie Hutchinson2
Charlie (thorne trotters)2
Nicola Cosgrove2
Georgina Chipman1
Hannah Mistry 1